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Wuppertal, 1.2.21 – Batch #1: European Green Deal
Start-ups supporting the EU Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

Promoting a Circular Economy is at the core of the European Green Deal as communicated in 2019 and further detailed in strategies for the various policy areas in 2020 and the CEAP.

The CEAP is a central building block of the EU Green Deal. Its overall aim is the reduction/elimination of pollution, i.e. emission streams of all kinds with a negative impact on the environment.

We are looking for start-ups with concrete ideas/inventions that help accomplish this ambition. Focus is on designing out waste, production technologies with minimized environmental impact, marking technologies, product passports, tracking & tracing, collection, separation of waste streams, waste logistics, re-use models, novel recycling technologies, novel service models and digital enabling technologies.

Our industry focus in line with the EU Green Deal and CEAP is electronics, information and communication technology, batteries and vehicles, packaging, plastics, textiles, construction and buildings, furniture, high impact intermediary products (steel, cement, chemicals), food, water and nutrients. Additionally, we are broadly looking for innovations that support re-use of composite materials.

Application deadline March 31st, 2021, 6 p.m. CET.

Apply here
Corporate, Scientific & Institutional Partners
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Burkhard Clingen
Michael Keil
Dr. Carsten Gerhardt
Physicist, consultant, founder of WuppertalBewegung e.V.
Chartered accountant and tax advisor
Digital Business Innovation and Transformation
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Dr. Carsten Gerhardt
Friesenstraße 32a
42107 Wuppertal
Tel.: 0202 / 44 76 33

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